Redo (Get ready)

I feel like I have treated this site too much as a portfolio site. But, the thing is, it isn’t. I am going to start doing things differently from now on. Instead of just posting a piece, I am going to start talking about what it is and where it is from. I don’t think I have many followers, but for those of you who do keep an eye out for updates on this website, you deserve to know what these pieces mean to me!

I think this is coming from a huge desire to try something new. I keep seeing all these things that I want to try to accomplish (as far as new styles I want to tackle), but either I get frustrated and move on, or I just don’t have time to get to it and forget about it. I believe this want is from the horribly addicting Pinterest fad. I see all these different things that I think look awesome and I believe I am capable of doing something similar, but, like I said, I don’t end up doing.For those of you who say you like my style and should keep it, well, I am starting to get sick of the same old thing, I feel like being a “minimalist” is taking the easy way out. It’s me calling myself a lazy designer. This is why I am going to try to tackle something new.

So, starting tonight, I am going back through all of my posts and writing maybe one or two sentences (maybe three if I am feeling wild) talking about the process in these pieces. I think this will remind me of why I liked the style so much and how I can evolve it into something new.


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