Front Page: The Post 4/6/12

So last night was sort of difficult, sort of not. The length of the stories were so short that it was hard to not run every single story on front (leaving the “jump” page empty). After awhile of playing around with it I got all the stories to fit on both pages.

My next concern was the lack of art on the page. In my opinion it still looks incredibly text heavy, however, the way it turned out was one of the best possible ways to do it (in my opinion).

My editor and I were trying to decide whether the white space bellow the headline of the center piece story (Herman Cain). I wanted to keep it, she wanted to get rid of it. What we decided in the end was that because it was such a text heavy page, the little bit of white space give CP a little bit of breathing room.

On a side note, I am working on getting through the first couple weeks of the quarter, so you may have to wait a couple more weeks for Jake Newton originals (wink!).

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