Front Page: The Post 4/20/12


Last night was rushed and frantic and, well, crazy. I didn’t get home until around three this morning and that wasn’t the worst part.

There is always something to tweak but in the case of last night, things had to down right change. I allowed my designers to leave earlier (I believe the last designer left at midnight) and told them I would fix any problems that the editors saw. Well, it turned out there were photos that needed to be replaced and stories that needed to move pages. So, after switching photos out and changing stories, it was about two or so.

I noticed my editor didn’t want to stay there all night (which is understandable) so I thought quick to end up with what you see above. I think it could have been done differently, however, I don’t mind how it turned out. It may not be my best piece of work but it will defiantly be remembered to me as the quickest turn around.

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