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Hi guys!

I will be moving to I will post projects behind the scenes stuff here but the finished product can generally be found at that website. 


THE POST: A1 3.29.12

Page 01

This is probably one of my favorite pieces I have done during my time at the Post.
I created all visual elements for the center piece.

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Front Page: The Post 4/13/12


This one was a doozie.

This weekend is the Post Reunion, meaning every Post alum returning to Ohio U for the weekend will be looking at this issue. Talk about pressure.

My goal for this front was to fit as much as possible while giving CP a large amount of space to shine. Let’s not even talk about how our jump page turned out (I made a joke to my editor about it looking like the NYTimes).

I went with the blue after my editor thought the bars had a money value when in fact the bars deal with student applications and attendance. The color blue was chosen because it simply looked the best.

We will see how the alums take it, but I think it turned out well. There is a large amount of content but the graphic components of the center piece balance it out well.

Stay posted! Get it…

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I really do love Helvetica. It’s been a font that has been with me through the good, the bad, and especially the ugly. Helvetica is the font I started using when I first started doing my own design work and has since been a font I use here and there. I do love Helvetica, and we are a great team so here is my small little Helvetica tribute.


Redo (Get ready)

I feel like I have treated this site too much as a portfolio site. But, the thing is, it isn’t. I am going to start doing things differently from now on. Instead of just posting a piece, I am going to start talking about what it is and where it is from. I don’t think I have many followers, but for those of you who do keep an eye out for updates on this website, you deserve to know what these pieces mean to me!

I think this is coming from a huge desire to try something new. I keep seeing all these things that I want to try to accomplish (as far as new styles I want to tackle), but either I get frustrated and move on, or I just don’t have time to get to it and forget about it. I believe this want is from the horribly addicting Pinterest fad. I see all these different things that I think look awesome and I believe I am capable of doing something similar, but, like I said, I don’t end up doing.For those of you who say you like my style and should keep it, well, I am starting to get sick of the same old thing, I feel like being a “minimalist” is taking the easy way out. It’s me calling myself a lazy designer. This is why I am going to try to tackle something new.

So, starting tonight, I am going back through all of my posts and writing maybe one or two sentences (maybe three if I am feeling wild) talking about the process in these pieces. I think this will remind me of why I liked the style so much and how I can evolve it into something new.


“your bone’s got a little machine”

The last project for 314 was to make a cd cover/insert for our favorite band. The band I did was the Pixies. The Pixies have always been one of my favorite bands. The album name I came up with is the Gray Album (I feel like they would have appreciated that) and serves as a compilation album. I like how simple it is, but maybe it’s too simple.

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For the above project, we were to design a small publication using provided articles. Students were responsible for finding their own images and photos. I created the brain image and the Prozac image. I took the photos on page two and four and my girlfriend took the photo on page 3. With a history of newspaper design, it was hard to make this not look like a newspaper and more like a magazine.

university concert band & symphonic band

This project was a little more interactive than the other ones. For this one I had to contact the band director and get information on the event. Once I got the information, the poster was fairly easy to design. The lines in this poster are supposed to mimic that of a music staff.

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