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New Stuff


I have been super super busy lately (I know I always say that…but I mean it!).

Here are a few projects I am working on/have finished.

Hope I didn’t leave you guys waiting too long.

Newton Timeline2

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Rainbow City Surrenders


I guess I have been on a roll this week. This is likely due to it being finals week and me really really not wanting to study. This is just something fun I whipped up. I saw something with the ROYGBIV on it and it looked pretty cool, so I thought I would do a Jake Newton rendition of the rainbow. I think it turned out pretty well. Stay tuned for more!

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Improvements Graphic

This is the graphic I mentioned in my last post. Like I said, I put too much detail into it for it to not be able to stand alone. The above buildings are buildings on campus that need a little TLC, so to speak. I, personally, do not like the green background to the graphic but was told by my editor to place it there, so I did. I have to say, this is one of my favorite graphics that I’ve done for The Post.

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Valentine’s Day

I actually did this piece for someone who contacted me through my blog. This was done for his wife as a Valentine’s day gift. This piece took me just a few days to turnaround and we both liked how it turned out. The illustration is of him and his wife taken from a photo taken on their wedding day.

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