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Self Portrait

Self Portrait

It has been months since I have updated. Sorry! I have been really busy working on a redesign of our newspaper The Post. More about that another time thought.

I am currently in a new graphics class. I am stoked that I am able to use Illustrator in class again, it seems like it has been way to long.

Check this guy out, I think I have finally mastered my style.

More to come in the next few days.

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barbershop: P.M.

This POST MODERN piece was about local barbershops in Athens. My inspiration for this piece was, of course, an old-fashioned barber shop. The brick walls. The red, white, and blue swirly thing that few know what it really is called. Even down to the headline font, the page does a fairly good job mimicking the look and feel of an old time barbershop. The only thing I do not really care for in this page is the copy for the headline. But, that is not my decision, so moving on…

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fracking graphic

This was a simple graphic that didn’t run much bigger than a couple of inches, but gives people a general idea of whats going on. This went along with a story about fracking (I believe). The map shows area that contain gas/oil, city limits, and recognizable landmarks so readers had an idea of where these areas were and could recognize them.

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tippy toes

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