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Mad Men Infographic


It’s finally finished! After a month of hardcore research and illustration, it’s finished.

This is probably one of the more difficult infographics I have done.

It was super complex and took a lot of time to research. It was a lot more fun to go deeper into the world of Mad Men then it was, if you saw my last infographic about the Banks project, Cincinnati development plans.

Stay tuned for more!

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New Stuff


I have been super super busy lately (I know I always say that…but I mean it!).

Here are a few projects I am working on/have finished.

Hope I didn’t leave you guys waiting too long.

Newton Timeline2

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Front Page: The Post 6/1/12

ImageThis page was difficult for many reasons, but most of all because of the large amount of space given for the center piece. As a result, I gave CP a lot of white space on the sides and was able to include a large graphic (maybe larger than it should have been) and a large headline.

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Front Page: The Post 5/5/12


Sorry for the delay.

This is the front I did on Friday.

The topic was different for me, I am used to athletic center pieces or deaths, but this one was about Moonshining in New Straightsville.

I think it turned out well. The infographic was illustrated by me and was based of a graphic I saw on the website HowStuffWorks.

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Feminism: PM


This page was a lot of fun. I started off with (don’t tell anyone!) the Mom character from Dexter’s Lab. I illustrated her and then modified her for every generation of feminism. From there the real question was where the heck to put them. I spent hours on these illustrations and I didn’t want to just make a small infographic in the corner. So, in the end, I lined them all up on the top. I used a lot of white space to give it a clean and simple look and I used different shades of purple because that is the “official” color of feminism. I’m going to be posting the women I illustrated separate so you guys can get a better look.

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walmart thefts

The point of this graphic (at least, the way I laid it out like I did) was based on proportion. The information accompanied an article about thefts in the Athens area. The largest blue circle (that area that encompasses the entire graphic), represents the largest number of thefts. I think it works well because it includes a bar graph, a proportion graph, and a fast facts box all in one graphic.

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stroke graphic

I love being taught something when I create an infographic for the newspaper (which isn’t out of the ordinary). This went next to a story about a new “stroke network” that is being tested out, where treatment for a stroke happens within a 4.5 hour window and not being dragged out longer. The four boxes were laid out in this way to (in the big picture) illustrate a window (which ties back into the 4.5 hour “window”).

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fracking graphic

This was a simple graphic that didn’t run much bigger than a couple of inches, but gives people a general idea of whats going on. This went along with a story about fracking (I believe). The map shows area that contain gas/oil, city limits, and recognizable landmarks so readers had an idea of where these areas were and could recognize them.

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