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So, last night was my first front page as a designer for the OU newspaper (The Post). After about 6 or 7 hours I worked to create this. The stories included are about the Chardon killings, a deer taxidermist (classic south-eastern Ohio topic), a feature on Men’s Basketball, and five (or so) buildings OU is planning on improving.

We used the deer taxidermist as the centerpiece (they had to have their reasons for that [what they were, I do not know]). I gave the headline a pair of antlers, just to dress it up a little. I then gave it some white space around it to stand out a bit.

The graphic on the bottom I plan on posting separate just so you guys can see it up close. The illustrations took a surprisingly long time to do and the amount of detail probably wasn’t necessary for the amount of space I had to work with.

Overall, I think it went really well for my first front. Definitely portfolio worthy.

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Improvements Graphic

This is the graphic I mentioned in my last post. Like I said, I put too much detail into it for it to not be able to stand alone. The above buildings are buildings on campus that need a little TLC, so to speak. I, personally, do not like the green background to the graphic but was told by my editor to place it there, so I did. I have to say, this is one of my favorite graphics that I’ve done for The Post.

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This is the piece I did for our weekly POST MODERN at the newspaper. The topic this week was “What is the definition of virginity?” Here, I illustrated birds and bees to make the article feel more fun then serious. Also, the addition of the cherry on the top of the page with the POST MODERN logo in it, is in my opinoin, incredibly tasteful and subtle. The page was a hit.

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Underground Railroad: PM

PM is a series the POST (OU’s student run newspaper) puts out every Thursday. This particular PM was about Southeastern Ohio’s relation with the Underground Railroad. The article was written by a staff member and all graphics were illustrated by me, The graphic at the top around the headline represents the constellation including the North Star which is a start the members of the Underground Railroad used to guide themselves. This piece was printed in black and white, which, for once, actually made sense and turned out great.

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education graphic

This graphic accompanied an article written about graduation rates of other Ohio schools. The graphic was printed in black and white but was edited to make more visually appealing for my blog. The point was to make a lot of information use as much space as possible which is why I used the circular graph, It get’s the point across and is simple.

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home (redo)

This piece was a gift from me to my lady friend. The skylines pictured are where both of us are from (Cincinnati, Columbus, and where we both live, Athens). The piece uses a quote from a song we both love “Home” by Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeroes. I found an idea similar to this while stumbling through the internet. The idea was a house secluded in the woods with a fairly “cute” quote like “home is where the heart is” or something like that. I also used a slight grain on this piece to make it look semi vintage (I don’t think that part turned out as well as I was hoping it would). Also, in this piece, I gave it a margin which blends towards the bottom white hill (which I really really liked).

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barbershop: P.M.

This POST MODERN piece was about local barbershops in Athens. My inspiration for this piece was, of course, an old-fashioned barber shop. The brick walls. The red, white, and blue swirly thing that few know what it really is called. Even down to the headline font, the page does a fairly good job mimicking the look and feel of an old time barbershop. The only thing I do not really care for in this page is the copy for the headline. But, that is not my decision, so moving on…

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