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Front Page: The Post 6/1/12

ImageThis page was difficult for many reasons, but most of all because of the large amount of space given for the center piece. As a result, I gave CP a lot of white space on the sides and was able to include a large graphic (maybe larger than it should have been) and a large headline.

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Feminism: PM


This page was a lot of fun. I started off with (don’t tell anyone!) the Mom character from Dexter’s Lab. I illustrated her and then modified her for every generation of feminism. From there the real question was where the heck to put them. I spent hours on these illustrations and I didn’t want to just make a small infographic in the corner. So, in the end, I lined them all up on the top. I used a lot of white space to give it a clean and simple look and I used different shades of purple because that is the “official” color of feminism. I’m going to be posting the women I illustrated separate so you guys can get a better look.

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Front page last night was a bit of a challenge. There was either too much space, or not enough, and at one point there was even a giant space in the middle with the most awkward dimensions a front page as ever seen. The way it turned out may have been a result of working on it for nine hours or sleep deprivation, but by the end I just wanted to make it work so I put it how it ended up. Now, it may not be how I wanted it to turn out or saw it in my head, but, it looks fine. The illustration took awhile and I was thinking it would take up more space, but it didn’t. Story of my life. This is the last front page I will be designing this quarter and will be back at the paper in two weeks. I am currently working on a piece about feminism “then and now.”

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education graphic

This graphic accompanied an article written about graduation rates of other Ohio schools. The graphic was printed in black and white but was edited to make more visually appealing for my blog. The point was to make a lot of information use as much space as possible which is why I used the circular graph, It get’s the point across and is simple.

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turkey drop: P.M.


The Turkey Drop is a “tradition” (more or less) in which a Freshman freshman (typically) dumping their significant other who is still attending high school. This page was a challenge for me. Because it is our POST MODERN piece, I had creative freedom and thought I would take full advantage of being able to use my own fonts and colors. I, looking back, wish I would have had another way of breaking up those text boxes, I don’t think the blue and green boxes get the job done too effectively. I also illustrated the turkeys at the top and not many people noticed this, but they have a heart on their chests making them connect more to what the story is talking about. Overall, I received positive feedback from this piece.

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barbershop: P.M.

This POST MODERN piece was about local barbershops in Athens. My inspiration for this piece was, of course, an old-fashioned barber shop. The brick walls. The red, white, and blue swirly thing that few know what it really is called. Even down to the headline font, the page does a fairly good job mimicking the look and feel of an old time barbershop. The only thing I do not really care for in this page is the copy for the headline. But, that is not my decision, so moving on…

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multipurpose center plans

This graphic was published, obviously, with an article about a new multipurpose center that is in dire need of funding. The graphic shows what is going to be included in the building and where OU is in funding the project.

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fracking graphic

This was a simple graphic that didn’t run much bigger than a couple of inches, but gives people a general idea of whats going on. This went along with a story about fracking (I believe). The map shows area that contain gas/oil, city limits, and recognizable landmarks so readers had an idea of where these areas were and could recognize them.

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