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THE POST: A1 3.29.12

Page 01

This is probably one of my favorite pieces I have done during my time at the Post.
I created all visual elements for the center piece.

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Front Page: The Post 6/1/12

ImageThis page was difficult for many reasons, but most of all because of the large amount of space given for the center piece. As a result, I gave CP a lot of white space on the sides and was able to include a large graphic (maybe larger than it should have been) and a large headline.

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Front Page: The Post 5/5/12


Sorry for the delay.

This is the front I did on Friday.

The topic was different for me, I am used to athletic center pieces or deaths, but this one was about Moonshining in New Straightsville.

I think it turned out well. The infographic was illustrated by me and was based of a graphic I saw on the website HowStuffWorks.

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Staying Fit (Post Modern)


Post Modern last night was about how to keep fit in college. The page ended up clean and organized. While I don’t think the design symbolized the topic very well, I do like the layout a lot.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s front page.

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Front Page: The Post 5/18/12

ImageCompletely forgot to update this on Friday! Sorry guys! Here is Friday’s front for the Post. This was challenging because it’s a huge news story for the University (which is kind of rare) and I didn’t want it to be just another election result page so I made a large drop cap, out a blue banner over the photo (which some people liked, others didn’t), and two small graphics along with the addition of a second story covering Grad Student Senate.

Stay tuned for new work, been incredibly busy lately but should have three or four decent pages before the quarter’s end.

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Front Page: 05/04/12

Sorry guys, completely forgot to post front page from Friday.

Here it is. There was not much room for run off on our jump page so I had to put as much of the articles as humanly possible on front.

I did run into a few problem with this page,  but they ironed themselves out after a while and I was able to leave at a record 11:30 p.m.

As I promised, I will shortly be uploading another piece I have done for Culinary Services. Stay tuned.

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Front Page: The Post 4/20/12


Last night was rushed and frantic and, well, crazy. I didn’t get home until around three this morning and that wasn’t the worst part.

There is always something to tweak but in the case of last night, things had to down right change. I allowed my designers to leave earlier (I believe the last designer left at midnight) and told them I would fix any problems that the editors saw. Well, it turned out there were photos that needed to be replaced and stories that needed to move pages. So, after switching photos out and changing stories, it was about two or so.

I noticed my editor didn’t want to stay there all night (which is understandable) so I thought quick to end up with what you see above. I think it could have been done differently, however, I don’t mind how it turned out. It may not be my best piece of work but it will defiantly be remembered to me as the quickest turn around.

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Front Page: The Post 4/13/12


This one was a doozie.

This weekend is the Post Reunion, meaning every Post alum returning to Ohio U for the weekend will be looking at this issue. Talk about pressure.

My goal for this front was to fit as much as possible while giving CP a large amount of space to shine. Let’s not even talk about how our jump page turned out (I made a joke to my editor about it looking like the NYTimes).

I went with the blue after my editor thought the bars had a money value when in fact the bars deal with student applications and attendance. The color blue was chosen because it simply looked the best.

We will see how the alums take it, but I think it turned out well. There is a large amount of content but the graphic components of the center piece balance it out well.

Stay posted! Get it…

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Front Page: The Post 4/6/12

So last night was sort of difficult, sort of not. The length of the stories were so short that it was hard to not run every single story on front (leaving the “jump” page empty). After awhile of playing around with it I got all the stories to fit on both pages.

My next concern was the lack of art on the page. In my opinion it still looks incredibly text heavy, however, the way it turned out was one of the best possible ways to do it (in my opinion).

My editor and I were trying to decide whether the white space bellow the headline of the center piece story (Herman Cain). I wanted to keep it, she wanted to get rid of it. What we decided in the end was that because it was such a text heavy page, the little bit of white space give CP a little bit of breathing room.

On a side note, I am working on getting through the first couple weeks of the quarter, so you may have to wait a couple more weeks for Jake Newton originals (wink!).

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Front Page: the post 3/30/12


This page has to be one of my favorites. This topic is an extremely sensitive one for the bobcats, which made it really hard to design it in a way that showed we weren’t exactly happy to let him go. The black is obviously a symbol of OU “mourning” and the graphic at the bottom goes from green to orange (a nod to his recent hire at Illinois).

I think this page turned out really well, however I have yet to see it in print. Finger crossed though, I hope the black doesn’t bleed to bad.

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