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Underground Railroad: PM

PM is a series the POST (OU’s student run newspaper) puts out every Thursday. This particular PM was about Southeastern Ohio’s relation with the Underground Railroad. The article was written by a staff member and all graphics were illustrated by me, The graphic at the top around the headline represents the constellation including the North Star which is a start the members of the Underground Railroad used to guide themselves. This piece was printed in black and white, which, for once, actually made sense and turned out great.

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home (redo)

This piece was a gift from me to my lady friend. The skylines pictured are where both of us are from (Cincinnati, Columbus, and where we both live, Athens). The piece uses a quote from a song we both love “Home” by Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeroes. I found an idea similar to this while stumbling through the internet. The idea was a house secluded in the woods with a fairly “cute” quote like “home is where the heart is” or something like that. I also used a slight grain on this piece to make it look semi vintage (I don’t think that part turned out as well as I was hoping it would). Also, in this piece, I gave it a margin which blends towards the bottom white hill (which I really really liked).

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turkey drop: P.M.


The Turkey Drop is a “tradition” (more or less) in which a Freshman freshman (typically) dumping their significant other who is still attending high school. This page was a challenge for me. Because it is our POST MODERN piece, I had creative freedom and thought I would take full advantage of being able to use my own fonts and colors. I, looking back, wish I would have had another way of breaking up those text boxes, I don’t think the blue and green boxes get the job done too effectively. I also illustrated the turkeys at the top and not many people noticed this, but they have a heart on their chests making them connect more to what the story is talking about. Overall, I received positive feedback from this piece.

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barbershop: P.M.

This POST MODERN piece was about local barbershops in Athens. My inspiration for this piece was, of course, an old-fashioned barber shop. The brick walls. The red, white, and blue swirly thing that few know what it really is called. Even down to the headline font, the page does a fairly good job mimicking the look and feel of an old time barbershop. The only thing I do not really care for in this page is the copy for the headline. But, that is not my decision, so moving on…

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